ISO/TS 16949:2009

Company. Chairman’s Greeting. Naigai Co., Ltd., & Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd . Saito Tetsuo, Chairman of the Board

All for the Casting Industry

Thanks to the strong support of many employees and partners, I have been involved in the casting business for about 40 years.
Currently I am serving both, NAIGAI Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd. as Chairman of the board.

Now, the Japanese casting industry is facing a business environment that is challenging like never before. Globalization during a long period with a strong yen led many customers to a lower local procurement ratio. This tendency will not easily turn around, even if exchange rates get back to normal. In addition, the hike of energy cost after the nuclear accident at Fukushima makes the business environment for the Japanese casting industry even more severe. In this situation, we thank all of our customers and business partners for endorsing our philosophy of working even better, in spite of tough conditions. So we live up to our responsibility for the future and continue, producing the high quality castings, required by our customers. It all comes down to "excellent quality". Strengthening the sincerity of “MADE IN JAPAN” by the excellent quality of our castings is our contribution to society.

As a manager in this industry, I followed my father’s footsteps.  When I entered Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd., the company that was founded by my grandfather, my father served as its president. However, as minority share holders, the Saito Family was forced out of the management. Supported by some experienced co-workers, I took this as an opportunity for founding NAIGAI Co., Ltd. More than 20 eventful years later, we got the chance to buyback Tokyo Foundry, which than became NAIGAI’s subsidiary.

NAIGAI as well as Tokyo Foundry are small enterprises. Nevertheless, our mission is to play a roll, when it comes to the development of casting technology. Fortunately we are blessed with highly esteemed customers, outstanding employees, fair-minded suppliers, smart advisors and supportive authorities. Moreover, we found a trustful partner with whom we started our overseas expansion in 2014. Even as a small company, we go our way in order to contribute to the society. This is what we exist for.

"How far a little candle throws its beam! So shines a good deed in a weary world."
This is what my deceased father used to say.

March 2015. Saito Tetsuo, Chairman of the Board