ISO/TS 16949:2009

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

NAIGAI Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd., put the safety of our employees as well as
the protection of nature at top priorities for all of our business activities.
When offering parts or services, the possible impact on the environment is considered,
based on the following environmental policy.

Basic Policy

1 IEstablishing an environmental management system
based on ISO14001:2015, in order to promote
environmental improvement activities.
ISO14001:2015 Certification

In February 2018, NAIGAI Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd. received the company-wide certification of our environmental management system according to the international standard "ISO14001:2015". We have defined the protection of the global environment and the conservation of resources as part of our management policy.

2 Complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations that are related to the environmental aspects of the organization.
3 Continuously reducing pollution and improving environmental conservation for all business activities, products and services, by implementing technically and economically feasible measures.

(1) By producing durable high quality aluminum castings, and thereby actively improving the global environment.
(2) By promoting energy conversation measures.
(3) By reusing and recycling resources to reduce waste.
(4) By the suppression of harmful substances.
4 Reviewing environmental objectives and targets in order to evaluate achievements of this environmental policy.
5 This environmental policy is posted on the billboard and distributed to all employees.
6 This environmental policy is actively communicated to the outside through our website and direct distribution.

March 2015. Naigai Co., Ltd., & Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd. Jun Ozawa, President & CEO