ISO/TS 16949:2009

NAIGAI Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Company Name NAIGAI Co., Ltd.
Chairman Tetsuo Saito
President & CEO Jun Ozawa
Company Address Kamitoyooka-machi 561-8, Takasaki, Gunma Pref.,
ZIP: 370-0871
TEL. +81-27-340-1270
FAX. +81-27-340-1271
Shinto Plant Shinto-Village 3059, Kita-Gunma Gunma Pref.,
ZIP: 370-3504
TEL. +81-279-54-1270
FAX. +81-279-54-1271
URL http://www.aluminum-gravity.com
E-mail info@aluminum-gravity.com
Paid Up Capital 96 Million JPY
Established in January 1999
Number of Employees 36
Site Area 40,404m2
Business Content

• Gravity die-casting of aluminum, both in low and high volume projects with highest requirements on geometrical complexity and pressure resistance. Production development from sand-casted prototypes to high volume serial production.

• Other casting processes, e.g. low pressure die casting and H-Process

• In cooperation with our partner company:
Ductile iron casting (H process) including design and manufacture of molds and machining for the parts.

Melting and holding furnaces : 7
Crucible furnaces : 2
GDC90° Type : 14
Core shooting
Shell machines : 11
Core sand treatment machine : 1
Heat treatment furnace
T6 furnace : 2
Emission spectrometry analyzer : 1
Hardness tester : 1
Pinhole tester : 2
Optical microscope : 1
Mold maintenance
Shot blast machine : 1
Lathe : 1
Hot water flow solidification analyzer : 1
NC-Lathe : 1
Machining center : 1

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
IHI Turbo
San-Ei Tech Ltd.
Daito Denzai


Group Companies Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd.
Simplex Naigai Castings Private Limited (India)
Co-operating Companies Naigai Malleable Iron Co., Ltd. 
Aizu Kojou Co., Ltd. 
Ming Ming Aluminium Co.Ltd. 
March 1992 Establishment by Naigai Malleable Iron Co., Ltd as the Gunma Plant for aluminum die-casting
January 1999 Establishment of NAIGAI Co., Ltd.
(no longer the Gunma plant of Naigai Malleable Iron Co., Ltd)
December 2002 receive a certification of "one company one technology" from the Gunma prefectural governor
June 2004 ISO9001 Certification
June 2005 ISO14001 Certification
June 2007 Start of new casting process development
June 2011 Development of a new casting technology, supported by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and classified as a "strategic technology advancement support project"
January 2012 Acquisition of Tokyo Foundry as a 100% subsidiary
March 2013

• "Small business IT management certification" awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

• Implementation of the 200kW solar power system

December 2013 Tokyo Foundry becomes the manufacturing base of NAIGAI
21 July 2015 Naigai and Tokyo foundry acquired the certification of a quality management system "ISO/TS 16949:2009".
July 2016 Naigai start the development the new Casting Technology supported by Strategic Technology Advancement Support Project.
2 Feburuary 2018 ISO14001:2015 Certification
13 July 2018 IATF 16949:2016 Certification