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President’s Message. Naigai Co., Ltd., & Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd . Jun Ozawa, President & CEO

Maintaining the status quo means the start of decline.


In March 2015, I was appointed president of NAIGAI.
As I am also serving as the president of the subsidiary Tokyo Foundry, I am its fourth generation president, (Tokyo Foundry’s predecessor, Saito foundry was founded by my great-grandfather Kumaji Saito).

I am now in a privileged environment. We are a medium-size company but my predecessor established a stable foundation. We have earned a high reputation with our customer base which includes Japanese and world market leaders in their filed. In addition, we have received strong support from public institutions and banks. All of this is based on the daily work of our employees who never hesitate to give their best, in spite of the challenging environment at the foundry shop floor.

However, the world is changing at an amazing speed. When we talked about the "old days" in the past, we were referring to the time 10 or 20 years before. At the current speed of change, last year already feels like the old days. So we can’t maintain the status quo and merely continue with the daily routine. Nowadays, status quo is equivalent to degeneration. Being aware of these changing times, we are moving forward, and crafting our future.

Moving Toward our Centennial Anniversary.

Interview with Mr. Jishunu Madavu
Discussions with Mr. Jishnu Madhavan

2029 will be the centennial anniversary of the establishment of Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd.
As its current president and in the fourth generation member of the family, I bear the heavy responsibility of further evolving the company while looking back at 100 years of history.
Facing the 2020s, we have created our management vision “VISION 2020”.
In order to survive and prosper amidst external factors, such as disasters and economic crisis, we have developed a variety of projects to further strengthen our life force.
One of them is our plant in India (Operation will be started in 2016).

Together with our reliable partners, hardworking Indian employees and many supporters, we will make India the center of our world, aiming to replicate the Japanese way of manufacturing.

Opening a New Dimension of Casting.

Mr. Saito : President of Restex Co., Ltd.
Mr. Saito : President of Restex Co., Ltd.

Both, Naigai Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd., have established extraordinary quality. Maintaining this level of quality is also the biggest challenge for the future. Conventional casting relied on the sense of craftsmen. This sense is born from a number of factors, such as experience, points of view and ideas. For the sake of extraordinary quality, I am aiming to fuse the craftsmen’s sense with scientific thinking and new technologies.

During the first 15 years of my professional life, I was involved in the development of diesel catalysts at an automotive part supplier. Taking advantage of this experience, we established real time visualization of the casting process, e.g. temperature monitoring, which led to dramatic improvements in quality.

As the next step, we have started to move from monitoring and recording to a totally automated process control. In a world of digitalization, we can share process data with our plant in India in order to achieve extraordinary quality at that plant as well. By taking this advanced approach, we are opening a new dimension of casting.

Committed to Continue, Casting in Japan

The Japanese manufacturing industry is facing a number of challenges, such as energy problems and the demographic development with the added risk of losing its global competitiveness. However, I love Japan and feel a strong desire to live in this country.
I think, diligence and the spirit of compassion are highly valued in Japan.
Even if the entire world would praise us, we’d continue to spare no effort.

At casting, this spirit is reflected in the quality of our products. Rather than delusive quality, production in Japan always means pursuing the highest level of quality.
Being based in Gunma Prefecture, we are not satisfied with decent quality but aim for extraordinary quality.

A Company to Wish the Own Children Will Enter.


My goal is to make every employee say, “I want my own children to enter this company”.

A company is the sum total of the individuals, working for it. If these employees work together and manufacture a good product, the result is customer satisfaction. Every single employee has to give his best in order to add value to the products so that they are highly regarded by the customers. We will continue to devote ourselves to the company and strive for its prosperity, for many years to come.
For in its prosperity lies our well being.

March 2015. Jun Ozawa, President & CEO