ISO/TS 16949:2009

Casting technology focused on excellent quality for highest pressure resistance and durability requirements.

Our company looks back onto a long history of manufacturing automotive components.
Good examples are parts for turbo chargers and high-pressure fuel injection pumps that are directly linked to the performance of the vehicle.
These parts need to meet the highest specifications when it comes to precision, pressure resistance and durability.
In addition to automotive parts, we produce clamps for power lines and other aluminum products for the electrical industry.

Our aluminum castings are widely used in various applications around the world.
Examples are hydraulic components and turbo charger parts that are installed in cars, trucks, construction machinery and
marine engines such as outboard motors.
They have a significant effect on performance of the engine and therefore need to meet highest requirements on.
In addition, our aluminum castings are used for electrical infrastructure, e.g. for power lines and outdoor lighting in cities,
thereby contributing to the safety and security of our society.

High-Pressure Fuel Injection Pumps

With its direct impact on fuel economy and exhaust gas purification, the fuel injection system of diesel engines requires increased functionality. Within this system, the high-pressure fuel injection pump is a component of utmost importance. With the tendency of ever higher fuel-pressure levels, we are improving casting technology even further in order to meet the higher requirements of the future.

Turbo Chargers

With the widespread use of clean diesel and the downsizing of gasoline engines,
the importance of the turbocharger is growing. It is an essential part for achieving lower fuel consumption, and cleaner exhaust gases as well as for the improvement of drivability.
We produce compressor housings of turbo chargers for diesel vehicles and construction machinery. We are promoting the H-Process for the manufacturing of compressor housings in order to meet the high requirements of these parts at a competitive price.

Clamps for Power Lines

With the move towards lightweight solutions for high-voltage power lines, the application of aluminum anchor clamps is proceeding. As a safety part, a serial number is laser-printed onto every part for total traceability.

Other Products

Technology/Materials AC2A/2B AC4A/4B/4C AC7A
Low Pressure Die Casting
Gravity Die Casting
(Horizontal Controlled Flow Pouring Process)
Sand casting