ISO/TS 16949:2009

01 Craftsmanship.Born From the Challenge of Sophistication. Inherited technique, passion for quality improvement, as well as new ideas and skills. Extraordinary quality is born from the sophistication of craftsmanship.

The next generation of craftsmen is creating the future.

Craftsmen, combining inherited technique with new ideas and
methods are the key for the foundry of the future.
In order to pursue extraordinary quality, the workers need to strive for perfection.
What we seek is the “next generation craftsman" who spares no effort and
passion to work on casting, flexible to respond to changes.
It is a craftsman that carries new knowledge and technology.
So we believe in creating our future by basing our extraordinary quality
on the “DNA” of the “next generation craftsman".

Inheritance plus, advanced plant development.

At Naigai, we are experienced specialists as well as young craftsmen.
While the veterans demonstrate their skills and knowledge,
their younger colleagues are using this as an input for enhancing their experience.
In addition, for the "next generation craftsman" IT,
such as digitalization of data and state of the art equipment are important factors.
Team work is also essential for all activities on the shop floor.
We have created a work environment in which everyone can work with pride.

We are opening up the future of casting

Excellent Quality is the Craftsman's Pride

Young craftsmen

It makes me happy to see my skills increasing day by day.

Hikaru Horigome Age: 25. Job Tenure: 7 Years, NAIGAI Co., Ltd.

Casting is a profound technology. We need to understand the nature of products and machinery in order to avoid even the smallest fault. It fills me with joy, seeing my skills to increase, little by little. So, I feel absolutely happy when I receive new knowledge. There is a lot to learn from senior craftsman and everyone here loves to instruct me. Every day, they teach me technical things, such as increasing my work efficiency.

Nucleus craftsmen

Growing by leaning from veteran Craftsmen.

Takayuki Nomoto Age: 52. Job Tenure: 12 Years. Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd.

Improvement is something that never stops. At the production of castings, reaching out for quality is essential. As the products that I have worked on are used in many places, I personally feel the responsibility to continuously improve my work.
In case a defective part is detected, clearly finding out about the root cause of the failure is the first step for improvement.
This is one way of striving for perfection. At the same time I am learning the technology from more experienced senior craftsmen.
I understood that the daily effort and the spirit of inquiry are equally important for manufacturing castings.

Veteran Craftsmen

High quality, born out of knowledge, experience and creativity

Kazuhiro Kano Age: 64. Job Tenure: 26 Years. NAIGAI Co., Ltd./ Tokyo Foundry Co., Ltd.

Experience has shown that we need solid theoretical knowledge in order to produce quality, but creativity is equally essential. In order to reach the highest level of quality,
we need to get the power to influence the phenomena inside the black box, called mold. So I want the young craftsman to study the basics. It’s physics, thermodynamics and organic chemistry that they need in order to develop their own ideas in mechanical engineering. I want the freshmen first to learn that the power of understanding as the most important. Being able to manufacture a product that other companies can’t is utmost rewarding for every craftsman. This as well as customer satisfaction and the prosperity of our company are what we are working for.

Being engaged in making the car that I love is most rewording.

Tomoki Momiyama Age: 24. Job Tenure: 6 Years. NAIGAI Co., Ltd.

Day by day we are taught a variety of techniques by our more experienced senior colleagues. Now I am in charge of the finishing process of castings. Even finishing is important for quality, so I need to learn the gimmicks.
I love cars. Thinking that the parts that I am working on become parts of a car makes me very happy. It is my dream, to quickly advance through the experience that I am gaining now.

As of January 1, 2018