Tokyo Foundry Group

Towards the ultimate castings with overwhelming quality and ultra-precision

Highly precise quality assurance with robots and human knowledge

Fine castings even from aluminum or iron with low cost

Manufacturing system available for mass production, high-mix, and short delivery

Castings and technology from Japan that surprise the world

Our features

“Strongest, lightest and lowest cost” is what we pursue. We provide quality casting products by our in-house integrated production system.

  • StrongestStrongest
  • LightestLightest
  • Lowest CostLowest Cost

High quality assurance

Strict quality control and traceability by robots established high quality assurance comply with IATF 16949:2016.

Castings & Products

  • Aluminum CastingAluminum Casting

Precise Aluminum castings and ductile iron castings that are thin, strong, and complex-shaped are also available and can be mass produced.

  • Ductile iron castingDuctile iron casting

Factories & Facilities

Castings are produced in headquarters, Shinto, and India. Our factories are not only for mass production but also for emergency BCP.



We dedicate to our “environment”, “innovations” and “welfare” towards the achievement of sustainable society.

  • President’s message

    Greetings from the president & CEO, Jun Ozawa

  • Company

    Introduction of NAIGAI, Tokyo Foundry, and our group

  • Recruitment

    Open positions and application process