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For those wish to join us

We have formulated our new management plan, “VISION 2025,” aiming for further progress.
We worked to strengthen our business foundation by actively promoting advanced manufacturing by AI, robots and IoT, building in-house quality control systems, expanding our business overseas, and strengthening our group structure.
From now on, we are developing markets other than automobile and machine parts, aiming for future leaps forward.
To make all this happen, we need colleagues with new capabilities and knowledges.
That will be colleagues who have ability to create a new form of manufacturing for the next generation such as not only craftsmen, but also engineers and other colleagues with IT skills, or foreign language proficiency, or business sense and so on.
We are hoping to work with such colleagues with sharing the same dream.
We are looking forward to seeing someone with enthusiasm to bring ultimate quality to the world.

  • Application requirements

    Employment type (1) Permanent (2) Part-time (3) Contract
    Job type (1) Casting (2) Machining (3) Inspection (4) Engineering (5) Quality assurance (6) Sales (7) Administrative staff (8) International business
    Location Takasaki-shi, Gunma Prefecture
    Shinto Village, Gunma Prefecture
    Working hours Manufacturing
    (Night shift) 22:20~07:30 (Day shift) 07:20~16:30

    Holiday Saturdays, Sundays, Golden Week, summer holiday, winter holiday (120 day annually)
    *We have three long holidays apart from every Saturday and Sunday.
    Qualification Qualification is not mandatory. However, we support you in acquiring qualifications such as forklifts and slings when necessary.