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Strongest, lightest, and lowest cost are what we pursue.

We work on and improve daily to achieve outstanding technology, strict quality control and thoroughly streamlined process in order us to produce the ultimate castings which are strongest in quality, lightest in shapes, and lowest in cost.
Ultimate castings / Strongest:Ultimate quality / Lightest:Ultimate shapes
Lowest cost:Ultimate self-governance

Mass production available for Aluminum gravity die casting and ductile iron casting

We can provide and mass produce aluminum casting such as gravity die casting specializes in complex shapes, and iron casting by H process specializes in thin and highly precision.

Consistent in-house production system from designing to machining

We have in-house integrated system within our group for all processes that allow us to reduce costs such as outsourcing cost.

High quality assurance by IATF 16949:2016 compliant management

Guaranteed quality control according to IATF 16949:2016, the international standard for automotive parts that is stricter than ISO 9001.

Production system; two locations in Japan with BCP function and one overseas

We have mass production base for aluminum casting and iron casting in Gunma prefecture. We established network with BCP function together with our group entities specialized in cast iron. Casting is also produced in India.